Friday, May 25, 2012

Family fun time in Oregon & Washington!

Bobo and I flew down to the Pacific Northwest last weekend to spend time with my family. We sure are blessed with a laid-back little traveler! I'm so thankful! I love traveling (as you can gather from the name of this blog) and I'm so glad to have passed on my passion to our son. Bobo did GREAT on the flights. We flew from Fairbanks to Anchorage on Sat morning and got to meet up with Daddy for 2 hours at the Anchorage airport (he was down there for some business). I got myself and Bobo all packed up and ready for our trip on my own and made it to the airport by 6:45am! I managed to put all our stuff for 10 days into one suitcase! I packed an extra bag so I can stock up on food I can eat from Trader Joe's and Bob's Red Mill.

We are having a blast down here. My niece turned 6 the day after we arrived so we got to celebrate her all day on Sunday with my folks. We went to lunch at Burgerville, played at OMSI for four hours, ate dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and ended the evening with presents and ice cream at Ice Cream Renaissance (my favorite ice cream place in Vancouver, WA)!

My mom and I made a blitz trip down to Eugene on Wednesday so Bobo could meet his Grandpa (my love's dad) and both sets of great-grandparents. He also met a great aunt and 3 cousins. He did remarkable being stuck in the carseat for the better part of 6 hours! We took breaks and he loved the tummy time we let him have when we visited people.

Bobo is definitely a mover and a shaker! While he's not crawling yet, he's rolling all over the place! He's been rolling from his back to his tummy for 2 months, but now he's rolling both ways very easily and rapidly! Rolling may be his preferred method of transport for a while! He's so much fun and I'm having a great time showing him off!

Here are a few pics from our time with family this week:
Gramma seeing Bobo again for the 1st time since January

Sweet cousins!

Happy Grandparents!

My nuclear family with our offspring

Giving Mama some snuggles!

Happy cousin tummy time!

Happy boy - look at those bright eyes!

 Three generations - riding the tram at OHSU

Cousins that love each other! 

Bobo and I fly to Los Angeles tonight to visit a good friend of mine (one of the bridesmaids from our wedding). We'll be there over Memorial Day weekend and fly home Monday to be back with Daddy, who stayed in Alaska to work.We'll get to meet up with some cousins and a few more friends I know down there. Bobo is definitely getting a chance to work on his flying and socialization skills and he's doing a GREAT job!

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