Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby blue eyes

Who would have thought we'd have a reddish haired baby with blue eyes? Not us, but we sure think he's cute!

Startling blue eyes

Do you see it?! I got my very first tooth this week!

I sure know how to melt Mommy's heart with my smile!

We took Bobo to the eye doctor a few weeks ago as it looked like one of his eyes turned in a bit. He has what is called "pseudoesotropia" which just makes it look like it turns in. As his nose bridge develops, the appearance of the turning in will go away. 

We are so thankful for such a happy, easy-going little guy. It's so hard to believe he's 7 months old already!

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  1. Oh my goodness.. his eyes! They are captivating! I just want to kiss this little guy on the cheek- what a cutie pie :) Maybe some day we can all meet together :) We would love an Alaska trip in the next year or so once we're settled in life here. Miss and love you!


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