Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our big one year old!

We made it! We all survived our first year as a new family and Bobo is still alive! Ok, so that may be a bit dramatic but it was definitely a huge year of adjustment for all of us. We sure do love our little guy and are so glad God chose to place him in our family.

Here's a few pics of our big one year old:

What a difference one year makes! 

Hmm, what is this stuff?

I think I like it!
(Bobo & I are mostly wheat, sugar and dairy free so I made him a cupcake out of coconut flour, honey and coconut whipped cream. He liked it!)

Daddy's big helper

Helping Daddy put together his birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa in WA

We got to have a 22 hour layover in Seattle with my parents and niece

Bobo and his friend chilling out on Boppy pillows in Colorado

My love and his brother with their babes

My love is a great Daddy and Uncle!

Bobo is generally a very happy kid (I was going to say "baby" but he's more of a toddler now!). He enjoys knocking down towers we build for him out of blocks and especially likes drumming. Give him two wooden spoons and he's in heaven! He recently decided he doesn't like having his diaper changed or having clothes put on or taken off. He also doesn't like getting into his carseat, but once he's in, he usually falls asleep or enjoys the car ride. He babbles constantly and it's so fun to watch him explore his world around him. 

We are so thankful for our little guy and look forward to our next year ahead with him in our lives. 

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